Education for the Future

Welcome to Desert Side Training Institute (DSTI) in Dubai, an institution approved by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and located in Dubai Knowledge Park. We specialize in offering training programs designed for fields with high employment potential, catering to individuals at various levels of expertise.

Training programs in fields with high employment potential

Our course offerings range from beginner-level programs for newcomers in IT to personalized courses in futuristic fields of information technology, ensuring that our course bucket meets diverse learning needs. Additionally, we take pride in our core faculties offering language training in Spanish, English, Arabic, German, French, Chinese, Russian, and more. Our language programs are complemented by educator’s professional training and socio-behavioral courses such as NLP.

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Study and get placed in Dubai

We understand the importance of a smooth transition for non-national students, which is why Desert Side Training Institute provides a simple student visa process. Our dedicated team ensures that the visa application and processing are handled efficiently, allowing students to focus on their academic journey.

Build Your Network Amidst Dubai Edu Hub at Affordable Price

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We’re A True Partner

One of the key benefits of studying at DSTI is the opportunity to build a strong network within Dubai’s educational hub at an affordable price point. We are committed to being a true partner in our students’ success, offering courses that are considered “low-hanging fruits” for those seeking quick entry into Dubai’s job market. Our programs typically span three to four months, culminating in valuable certifications.

At The Middle of Innovative Learning Hub

Moreover, DSTI stands at the middle of an innovative learning hub, providing students with access to high-profile research conferences, events, and panels both on and off-campus in Dubai Knowledge Park. Through these connections, students can expand their industry network and gain insights into the latest trends and advancements in their respective fields.

Join us at Desert Side Training Institute and embark on a journey of innovative learning, professional growth, and valuable industry connections.

“We understand the importance of rewarding students for their current and ongoing achievements, and our Scholarships offer a financial reward to new students. Detailed information about our scholarships and fee structure are available on our pricing page..”

Syed Iqbal Hasnain

Academic Director