Get Into A Language Coach2021-07-29T11:37:28+04:00

Get into a Language Coach

Hamid Hussain

Senior Tutor & Spanish Language Expert
  • Before you start love a language, you trust your teacher.

  • Spanish is more than a language. It is a rich culture. Explore it with experts.
  • Reach the secondly most spoken community with your proficiency.

“Trust yourself, find your shortages in the post covid-19 business world. Get trained secretly and steer your empire more faster. Success comes behind you.”

Yasir Muhammed


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Is this a recognized Institute? Body of recognition?2020-10-31T12:08:58+04:00

This is recognized and accredited institution by Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority, known as KHDA. Our permit number is 628836. To validate our institute in Govt. website click here.

What are the courses are provided?2020-10-31T12:10:13+04:00

Our courses are spread in language training, IT skill training, sales and marketing training, Educator’s professional training and social and behavioral training. To get a complete list of our courses, browse our courses page here.

Is student visa provided? How long it is?2020-10-31T11:56:52+04:00

Desert Side Training Institute, Dubai provides Student Visas for all non-national students studying on any of our academic programmes, and our dedicated team ensures this process is carried out as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Student visas are issued to one year. Contact us for detailed information on student visas.

Is there job opening at Desert Side Training Institute?2020-10-31T11:58:52+04:00

Job applicant can leave their resume and message in our careers page. We will be contacting them on priority basis.

Where is it located?2020-10-31T12:01:21+04:00

The institute is located in Dubai Knowledge Park, block 2A, first floor at room 150. You can schedule your visit in all business hours.

Courses are delivered online?2020-10-31T12:03:15+04:00

Post covid-19, the most of the courses went online. We have courses that are given online and offline. Confirm your program advisor before your enrollment the method of course delivery.

Does the course have transferable credits?2020-10-31T12:06:41+04:00

None of our courses carry any transferable credits to any academic sector. It is purely professional training that boosts your career. The courses does not carry any academic credits.