Algorithmic Mathematics for Educators

The training course is a comprehensive program designed for educators and parents to teach their kids how to use an abacus, an ancient counting device, to perform complex mathematical calculations.


Through this course, participants will learn the fundamentals of abacus operation, including how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide using the device. With regular practice and dedication, participants can become proficient in the use of the abacus and improve their mathematical abilities.

Benefits of Educator’s Abacus

  • Teach your own child
  • You can start Abacus classes from home
  • Source of good and regular income for a longer period of time
  • Less Labor & Hard work involved
  • Reputable and fulfilling profession
  • Develops observation power and Memory Power
  • Develops Confidence and Self Esteem

Price and Services

Course NameDurationPrice
“Educators’ Abacus
(Algorithmic Mathematics for Educators)”
20 Hours1600 AED

Course Details

Mode of Teaching Available
Physical – Group, Private (On-Demand)
Duration of Course
25 Hours. 2 Days Class with two hours session.
Suits for
Parents, House Wives, Existing Coaching Centers, Tutors to add a subject in demand, and Part time – Full time business seekers.
Understanding of medium of instruction in English.
Course completion certificate is from Institute and the optional course participation certificate is provided with Dubai KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) Attestation.