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What is business process management?

Business process management involves analyzing and improving existing processes to create a sequence of repeatable steps that can be used to reach the goals of an organization. Unlike projects or tasks which are a one-time thing, business process management is a constant method of approach.


Course Code

A business project management training and certification can be beneficial for learning new skills. These skills can help improve your resume and help you reach higher-level work. Project managers can increase knowledge and productivity while also collecting information on how to improve business methods.

Topics covered in BPM

  • Process modeling and principles

  • Business process analysis

  • Business process transformation

  • Governance

  • Key BPM terms

BPM Certifications

A BPM certification is an internationally recognized standard that designates a person as a Business Process Management professional. These professionals can oversee business methods and pinpoint areas where they can make changes. Our training course helps get a certification from the industry