MS Word

  • Advanced Paragraph & Picture Formats
  • Advanced Document Formats
  • Working with Tables and Lists
  • Charts
  • Customizing Word
  • Merging Documents for Mailing
  • Using Macros
  • Creating Forms
  • Working Collaboratively
  • Working with Tables of Contents & Indexes
  • Long Document Formats

MS PowerPoint

  • Customizing Presentations
  • Presentation Masters
  • Working with Special Effects.
  • Using SmartArt
  • Multimedia.
  • Setting Up the Slide Show.
  • Outlines and Slides.
  • Managing Multiple Presentations.
  • Sharing and Securing a Presentation

MS Excel

  • Creating Basic Work- Books, Using Ranges
  • Creating Formula, Copying & Pasting Formulas
  • Columns & Rows, Formatting Worksheets
  • Worksheet Tools, Setting Worksheet Lay- Out
  • Printing Worksheets, 3d Formulas
  • Named Ranges, Conditional Formatting And Cell Styles, Paste Special
  • Sharing Workbooks
  • Auditing Worksheets, Outlining Worksheets
  • Consolidating Work- Sheets, Creating Worksheet Charts
  • Editing And Formatting Charts, Pivot tables
  • Tables, Sorting Data
  • Filtering Data, Using What-If Analysis
  • Table-Related Functions, Security Features
  • Making Macros

MS Outlook

  • Customize Settings
  • Print and Save Information
  • Perform Search Operations in Outlook
  • Configure Mail Settings
  • Create Messages
  • Format a Message
  • Organize and Manage Messages
  • Create and Manage Calendars
  • Create Appointments, Meetings, and Events
  • Setup meeting location by using Room Finder
  • Create and Manage Notes and Tasks
  • Create and Manage Contacts
  • Create and Manage Contact Groups


Upon completion of the program, the Institute will provide a training certificate attested by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Govt of Dubai (KHDA).


Course Details

Mode of Teaching
Online & Hybrid / Offline On Demand

18 Hours of total duration.

Available Class Type
Group / Private