Intentionally and explicitly teaching the relationship between letters and sounds through play-based pedagogies is a crucial part of children’s literacy development. There is much popular debate surrounding this topic, amongst researchers, teachers, parents and education authorities. This course will share research-based knowledge and skills around code-based literacy in early childhood.

The impact of this course will help unlock every teacher and parents potential to achieve greater success in teaching language to young learners

Topics Covered

  • Learning 42 letter sounds
  • Learning letter formation
  • Blending
  • Identifying sounds in words
  • Identifying tricky words
  • Initial consonant blends
  • Final consonant blends
  • Language rules
  • Digraphs
  • Alternative blends
  • Segmenting and Decoding
  • Digraphs and Diphthongs
  • Language Rules
  • Making Lesson Plans
  • Techniques for class control and creating literacy awareness in children

Looking for training for your organization?

We have flexible schedules for group based training for childcare centers and schools.

Course Details

Mode of Teaching Available

Online and Classroom – Group and Private

Duration of Course

10 Hours.

Suits for

Existing Teachers, Mothers and Aspiring Teachers.


Certificate of completion and certification of participation is provided at the end of the program. Certificate is attested by KHDA, Government of Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority.