Each learner who will participate in the training course must register for the course. A representative from the learner’s company can register multiple participants at once.
Learners must submit their resumes, completed application forms, and all required documents for registration and certification as per the requirements of the awarding bodies.
Learners must have basic sufficient reading/writing skills, IT skills, access to laptop/computer and the Internet.

Learners must submit the registration fee. All fees must be paid in full to confirm registration. If a learner is paying in installments, post-dated cheques must be submitted before confirming registration. Learner registration is not complete until the learner receives confirmation that payment has been received. Pricing, registration terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Once learners are confirmed on a training course, they may request a Registration Confirmation Letter issued by Desert Side Training Institute.

Payment Terms Policy

All learners confirming a booking for training services must pay the registration fee at the time of booking. Until full payment is received any reservation of training services is not confirmed.

Full payment or Post Dated Cheques (PDCs) as per invoice, is required before attending the course. Learners understand that full payment is due before the start of the course. Learners may not request a refund for the course if they are not able to complete the course for any reason.

Attendance Policy

Learners are expected to attend all training sessions. A minimum of 80% attendance is required. If absent, it is the learner’s responsibility to read the material and complete the assignments independently.

Scheduling Policy

Desert Side Training Institutes reserves the right to change or alter the Course Dates, the Location and the trainer providing the training.

Learner Expectations

  • Learners commit to weekly study, planning, preparing and completing the assessment.
  • Learners need to complete their assignments in a timely manner and following the guidelines given by Desert Side Training Institute. If learners fail to do so, it will be documented in the learner’s file, may cause delays, and may result in not being awarded the certification.
  • If a learner does not adhere to Desert Side Training Institute Learner Policies Document, this may result in delays in assessing learner work and/or expected graduation date. Extension fees will apply.
  • Learners agree to respect classroom rules.
    • Showing up to class on time.
    • A learner must not be more than 15 minutes late.
    • Switching off the mobile phone (or put on silent) so as not to disturb the group.
    • Keeping any personal information shared in class confidential.
    • Respecting classmate’s views.
    • Listening to others when they speak in class, being respectful to each other’s opinions.
    • Being respectful to the instructor.
    • Using the language of the course within the session.
    • Preparing weekly homework as required by course and uploading it correctly.
    • Participate in activities and discussions in class.
    • Consult tutor in a timely manner if a learner has questions or concerns regarding assignments.

Learner Ethical Conduct

Learners who are registered in a training course or those who have formally agreed to take a training course with Desert Side Training Institute must follow the ethical code of professional conduct required by Desert Side Training Institute.

In Desert Side Training Institute courses, you have the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge needed to be a respected professional in your community. You also have the opportunity to learn the behavior that the public expects from a trained early childhood professional. As our student, you are expected to meet high standards of conduct and ethics. You should be aware that in very serious circumstances, your conduct may affect your ability to complete your program and gain the qualification.

You should treat everyone equally, keep high standards of personal conduct, you should be polite to your trainers, colleagues and Institute’s staff members, you should follow your required schedule for attendance, you should make sure that your personal appearance is respectable and as per the UAE requirements, you should tell Desert Side Training Institute if you have any existing health conditions or changes in your health, you should tell Institute if you are or have been convicted of any offence, you should get help from a doctor if you are worried about your health, you are responsible for your own learning, you should respond positively to feedback that is given to you, you should ask for help if you need it, you should take all responsible steps to make sure that you can communicate effectively with Desert Side Training Institute , when appropriate, you should share knowledge with your colleagues, you should not pass someone else’s work as your own, you should make sure that you truthfully do your assignments and accurately fill out any documents, you should maintain a cooperative and collaborative approach when dealing with your colleagues and institute team.

If there is a concern or an incident that takes place from a learner towards the trainer or Institute staff member, the Institute staff member will fill out the formal complaint form and share it with the training manager.
The training manager will then send a warning to the student. If the student is sponsored by a school or nursery, the warning letter will be sent to the sponsor.
If these actions are repeated a second warning letter will be sent.
If the student or sponsor receives three warning letters, a committee will be assigned to discuss the case, and Desert Side Training Institute reserves the right to terminate or suspend the student. If the student received three warnings in the past, then no refund will be given. In any case, Desert Side Training Institute reserves the right to terminate a student (with refund) without warning.